A Haunting In Indian Railway

This unforgettable incident took place in October this year when we (my father, mother, sister and myself) were on my way to North Bengal to celebrate the Durga Pujas (a festival of Bengal). . We boarded the Teesta Torsha express from Sealdah. It was going good until night when my uncle called us up and told us that 19 oil tankers were derailed at Kishanganj. We were now 34hours in train.
Day 2: We suffered a lot as the train stopped for hours at stations and the attendants switched of the A.Cs in the train. We were tired and slept off after we reached NJP at 12. 30 at night. After some time, I woke up for some fresh air as I was feeling uncomfortable being confined in a small area for so long. So I went out and after refreshing myself, out of sheer curiosity, I opened the door latch. The train was stationary. I checked the cell info, which showed that it was GAISAL and the time was 1.28A.M by my watch. It was steady when suddenly a gust of wind passed through me. Then I heard the honk of an engine which was gradually approaching closer. Then suddenly I heard a loud noise as if there was an explosion. Then our train began moving with a jerk and suddenly I regained my senses and everything was as quiet as before. I closed the door latch and as soon as I looked behind, I saw a shadowy figure which suddenly disappeared within a second! I quickly went back inside. I kept thinking about what had happened exactly as I did not believe in paranormal activities before and thought it was just a dream.
Day 3: We reached my maternal uncles home by morning. I decided to surf the net and check whether anyone had experienced the same at GAISAL...
Then, to my surprise, I found out that GAISAL was the site of one of the worst railway accidents in history of Indian Railways!
I have some questions in my mind which will remain unanswered. 1) The first question is, have anybody else experienced the same? 2) If so, why don't the drivers experience? 3) Or was it just a dream?


  1. only few peoples can see the ghost,hear them not every people.
    i had also heard about it many times about the ghost train but i dnt believe in it.
    just recollect the situation that u were dreaming or u were actually standing in the door??

  2. I don't believe in ghost and i never thought that will it happen with me also.when our train stop at GAISAL i was feeling uncomfortable in train and i thinking when i will open the door i got little fresh air than suddenly i hear a sound i thought train coming from front track i thought another train coming so i close the door and suddenly the train come but it was unbelievable that i can see walls i thought i was dreaming and then i through bottle on it nothing happen the train was going but no sound and nothing happen and suddenly our train startgoing i close the door and suddenly i saw a girl crying i gotgoosebumps and i run...i was thinking i am dreaming but it was true any believe it or not...

  3. I loved the article buddy, its a pleasure to see people interested in the unknown, check out some real ghost stories from my blog, have a creepy night :)


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  5. Information provided in this article is very interesting.I got shocked to know that there is a railway track which is passing very near from active volcano in Japan & it is connecting Takamori to Tateno Station in Minamiaso.There are few world's most terrifying and gusty railway tracks , which gives you goose bumps.

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  8. It was in that station i had the urge to kill myself when our train padatik express had stop to give pass to approaching train . The urge was so strong and i was in a trance as i was speaking to my gf on phone that I even jump on the track . i was saved by the screams and galis of general compartment passenger as the trance was broken couple of secs earlier as i move back and hold the ground as that death train pass by. Gaisal was that station . how could i forget

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  10. that thing is real. I hear a lot about gaisal. I am a indian railway staff and I hear a lot about ghost in trains. some days ago when we are inspecting narmada express in bilaspur coaching complex some sweepers and cleaners run out of a coach screaming ,when we ask what happened they said they saw 2 big and hairy hands coming out of trains bathroom. 2 of them got so scared that they got fever after that experience. search about bhanwartank railway station it got very creepy story

  11. A very scary experience. Just like Gaisal, there are many stories related to haunted stations and local people still believe it. Check haunted train stations in India to know more.

  12. does really ghosts exsist? ketan chaoji says that only som can see the ghosts, if so even only they can see the gods tooo.... right?